Calling Gabby the fashion queen would be an understatement! She came to my rescue and worked her magic on my wardrobe. With her abundance of tips and tricks, I now have a newfound sense of what belongs in my closet. And let me tell you, shopping for new clothes with Gabby was an absolute blast! I can’t sing her praises loud enough—I highly, and I mean HIGHLY, recommend her to anyone in need of a style upgrade! Thanks again, Gabby, you rock! Samuel Gardner

Wow! Wow! Wow! I purchased the ”Style Me” package for my daughter as an 18th birthday present. It proved to be the best birthday present ever!! From the first contact with Gabby she was professional and so friendly. After a styling consult at our house and then a shopping session, my daughter absolutely glows with confidence in the amazing outfits Gabby chose for her. She perfectly captured the style my daughter wanted. Gabby thank you so much for everything. You are beautiful, awesome and amazing. We feel privileged to have met and be ”styled” by you. I can 100% recommend your services to anyone interested. It is so worth it!

Riette van der Merwe

I hired Gabby for a Personal Shopping service because I needed a complete new wardrobe and she was exceptional. When enquiring she was the most friendly and responsive among the stylist I contacted. A week before going shopping, we had an online consultation where she inquired about my style and needs. She asked me really good questions and made me feel confident she really understood my needs. On the shopping day, she had pieces ready for me to try in the stores we visited. So It was a very smooth experience. She was very responsive to my preferences and she also gently pushed me outside my comfort zone and I got some clothes that I love but never thought to buy before.I did not need to worry about anything except trying the pieces. By the time, I had changed in another outfit she had already what I needed next. She took photos of all my outfits so I have now a reference to combine my new clothes. A very professional service. Strongly recommend her! Andrea Mazzurco

Gabby is a superstar, a lifesaver and was spectacular at working out my style. I contacted Gabby to help me from afar to help me find a dress for my daughter and her fiancés wedding rehearsal dinner.

Living in Thailand I could not find a dress that was different but smart and I asked for Gabby’s help. She sent me pictures and ideas , she contacted my daughter to get ideas and when we hit on a style that seemed to work for me she sent two dresses and one jacket to ‘try’.
What service ! And of course the dress and the jacket worked perfectly.

Gabby has an eye for style and although we didn’t meet during my time of need she knew exactly what I needed and I looked fabulous thanks Gabby xox Amanda Oldridge

Truly a fantastic experience with Gabby guiding me through styling options that I would never have considered on my own. I’ll never shop the same way again! David Spurgeon

Gabby is an exceptional stylist. She knew exactly what would compliment my shape. Would recommend her any day !!! Mridula George

Shopping with Gabby felt like shopping with a girl friend! It was so great to have someone that took the time to find out your style and went behind the scene to select a wardrobe full of clothes to try on that suited your body shape. I loved walking into each change room and loving nearly everything that I tried on. Gabby’s support continued post the shopping experience by sharing further suggestions of possible later purchases of shoes, tops etc and what would look great with other items of clothing that I purchased or already had in my wardrobe, making my wardrobe fully versatile. Thanks Gabby! x Melissa Russell

Gabby was a god-send! She helped make a job I’d procrastinated on handling so much easier, and fun! I have integrated the new pieces with confidence and ease, I wish I’d done it sooner! Thank you Gabby ❤️ Sarah Korzeba

I just had 3 Fashion shoots styled by Gabby Hammett Styling. Working with Gabby was such a fun, positive and empowering experience. She took all of the heavy load off me preparing for my photoshoot, which then allowed me to show up on the day and have FUN, feel relaxed.

During my time working with Gabby I learnt so much about how to make things work for me, what to avoid and a whole lot of tips that come so naturally to Gabby – that I never would have thought of. Gabby looked after me so well, from the first interaction right up until the day of the shoot. She was a dream to work with and it was such a fun experience. I would recommend Gabby over and over to anyone thinking about hiring a Personal Stylist. Angela Clark

Gabby was so fantastic to work with, she really understood what assistance I was looking for and supported me to step outside my comfort zone whilst ensuring the new purchases were something I felt comfortable wearing. Before our shopping time, Gabby had prearranged for outfits to be ready at shops for me to try, this further maximised our time together. Along with a revamp of my current wardrobe, I have some new skills and confidence for future purchases. Georgie Keily

I spent a day with Gabby and had a fabulous time. She listened to what I needed and delivered without question. I would recommend anyone to try Gabby as her friendly approach and listening techniques really helped to deliver a fun day and I went home happy with my new clothes for my new look me😃 Maria Gill

Very enjoyable and business like approach to the scope provided to Gabby. I have been showered with compliments on my outfits every time I go out. I only clothes shop yearly and found that by shopping with Gabby I received value for money and i definitely recommend her if you want to look sensational. Look forward to next year. Michael Tiainen

You were just what I needed right at this point in my life. WOW, what an amazing experience ands something I have wanted to do for such a long time. Gabby has helped me reinvent myself, and it didn’t break the bank either, as she showed me amazing ways to spruce up things that had been forgotten in my wardrobe and she also gave me great tips on what to look for when I am shopping in the future. She made me feel good about myself and has inspired me to stop buying bulky/flowy clothes that I felt comfortable in but made me look frumpy.

Having a wardrobe revamp with Gabby as your stylist is something every lady should treat herself to, it is well worth it and will leave you with a spring in your step, which then enables you to achieve more in your day as your confidence levels go way up. Thank you once again Gabby, you have not only made me happy but also my husband too.

Lisa, Melbourne

Gabby gets 5 stars from me. 

She gives you the right amount of information at the right time. Always thoughtfully and respectfully. I felt totally prepared for every step and she always kept me in the loop. She anticipates and always has a plan B.

Gabby gives the right amount of advice while balancing it with listening to your wishes and getting the result that makes you feel great. Gabby is totally focused on you when it’s your time with her and she diligently keeps you on task and on budget.

She has a great network and is very resourceful.

I can’t imagine going through this process without her. Highly recommended.

Karen, Brisbane, Queensland

I was lucky enough to have my own personal stylist – Gabby Hammett. I was needing some help with refreshing my style and desperately needed a new outfit. I am not a renowned shopper, however Gabby made the experience so much fun, easy and we had one of the loveliest mornings.  Gabby had already done all the hard work for me and scouted out outfits and had them  put aside in the shops ready for our morning adventure.  We walked into the shops and many of the shop assistants who had great rapport with Gabby put the outfits in the change rooms ready for me and this made the whole experience fun and made me feel very special.  I tried on some amazing clothes, some I never would have thought of, but I trusted Gabby and I bought one of these outfits and I felt amazing. Gabby was mindful of my budget and time restraints and planned accordingly, which was great.  Thank you Gabby.

Stacey, Brisbane

I had the pleasure of a styling experience with Gabby recently.  I was initially very nervous, but it was not what I expected at all…It was amazing! I felt totally comfortable with Gabby, infact I actually felt less pressure than when shopping on my own.  She took care of everything I just had the fun part of trying on clothes, her ability to know what will work, mixing and matching items is incredible, I ended up with so many amazing different looks.  She followed my brief and budget to perfection!  I would highly recommend Gabby she has the ability to put you at ease, make you laugh and take you out of your comfort zone with her professional guidence.  My experience left me with some gorgeous new outfits, renewed confidence and a great friend.  

Aleksandra Cleeve, Melbourne

You took me way out of my comfort zone – I pride myself with being able to pull together a good outfit, but not necessarily an edgy one.  You got me to try on shoes and dresses that I would not even have glanced at, and now they take pride of place in my wardrobe.

What fun we had.  We didn’t buy that much, to be honest, but you were spot on with suggestions for quality tops that completed my corporate outfits. I love the new combinations and they will last a long time. You were also very good at choosing a few key new items to complement my existing wardrobe and brought new life to well-loved pieces of clothing.  Some I chose not to get at the time, but went back a week later and added to my wardrobe, proving you were right. My partner Steve, cautioned me tongue-in-cheek that it has to stop sometime, little does he know that you have unleashed a new me.

It was such a lot of fun, and a privilege to be guided by you. I would certainly recommend you to anybody interested in a stylist, and some people who just need a good stylist. Thank you for your time and positive energy. Lynn Sorrell, Sydney

Gabby Hammett is a Personal Stylist based in Brisbane, Queensland. After studying at the Australian Style Institute in Melbourne she founded her own Personal Styling Business, Gabby Hammett Styling.