Women’s Personal Styling

Women’s Personal Styling

Women’s Personal Stylist Services

Dress to impress and always look your best with a newly curated wardrobe and expert fashion advice you can trust! As a personal stylist for women, I take great pride in making sure my clients look and feel amazing, providing thoughtfully selected outfits to help boost personal confidence.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

It’s one of the strongest reasons people decide to work with a stylist. Whether you want to revamp your professional, formal, or everyday wardrobe, hiring a women’s personal stylist can be a clever move and give you an edge towards your goal.

Sometimes women just need a lift in their life. We often get so busy that no attention is given to our appearance for long stretches of time. Here are the most common reasons I encounter that may bring you to consult a personal fashion stylist for women:

You Don’t Enjoy Shopping

If the thought of clothes shopping fills you with dread, you are not alone! It’s confusing, there’s too much to look at, and you don’t know what suits you, so you give up and go home.

Sound familiar?

If this is you, it might be time to call a wardrobe stylist and learn what style suits you best in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Nothing in Your Wardrobe Fits You

Many women find their body shape changes over time, and clothing that looked great a few years ago is now almost impossible to wear! While this can be daunting, fluctuating in size is a completely normal part of life.

Whether you have gone up or down in size, a good women’s stylist will be able to help you embrace these changes. I will guide you with ease and precision, showing you exactly what clothing items will flatter your body shape so you can build the perfect wardrobe and love yourself at every size.

You’re Going Through a Major Life Change

This is a common time for women to desire a personal styling session. It makes sense as the person you used to be is getting left behind, and you are emerging as a new you, so you need the clothes and the image to match how you are now feeling.

It may be divorce, recovering from a major illness, or hitting a new stage in your life, but something has triggered a desire for an image revamp. A stylist can give you what you need, listening to your goals for your future to guide you to a new wardrobe of perfectly suited clothes.

As an experienced personal stylist for women, I can find all kinds of new outfits that are flattering to your complexion and body shape, perfectly representing the new you. How you feel on the inside will match what people see on the outside, and the transition you’re going through will be supported in a fun and joyous way.

You Buy the Same Items Over and Over

I know many women who only buy jeans and T-shirts or simple black pants and tops because it’s easy and safe. It becomes an issue when you suddenly get asked out to a cocktail event or dinner at a nice restaurant. Suddenly, you spend time you don’t have changing outfits and not being able to settle on anything.

Imagine if you just had the perfect Little Black Dress or a pretty flowy outfit with heels and a bag to match… An outfit you know you look good in that you could pop on in five minutes and look like a million dollars.

A women’s personal stylist can help you create the ideal complete wardrobe, built to withstand any sudden invitations to all kinds of events! Imagine the peace of mind you could have knowing you had a phenomenal outfit for every occasion!


A versatile wardrobe of well-cut, flattering pieces to put together each morning, making dressing streamlined and fun. Helping women achieve this as a personal fashion stylist is always a great pleasure for me.

When you feel fantastic about the outfit you have put on, knowing you’re presenting well, magic happens. The positivity is infectious, and your confidence shines like warm sunshine.

After a session with me, you will know what suits you, and you may even be a little more adventurous. I will never make you feel like you have to purchase anything; the process is supportive and advisory, but there is never any pressure.

What I can promise you is that after our work together, how you feel on the inside will align with how you look on the outside, and you will essentially become the best version of yourself. I love seeing the big smile on a client’s face at the end of a styling session. It makes my job as a women’s stylist so rewarding.

Styling Services

I offer a range of different services to help you build the perfect collection of outfits and refine your personal style. Learn more about my women’s styling services below.

Styling Consultation

This consultation is done by phone or zoom and is designed to get to know you, your lifestyle and the direction you wish to go in.

Wardrobe Review

This is a two-and-a-half-hour session in your home. It starts with a style consultation and then a peek into your wardrobe. I will look at what pieces fit well and are flattering to you and which ones don’t serve you anymore and can be removed.

Your wardrobe will feel fresh and decluttered, with everything in it now having a purpose. We then know exactly what pieces need to be added in to create a versatile wardrobe ready for any occasion.

Sometimes old pieces are given a new life, as they are in good condition but perhaps were overlooked as there seemed to be nothing to go with it. This is often an added benefit of having a wardrobe stylist review your entire clothing collection… You’ll get better wear out of any special quality pieces already residing there.

Wardrobe Reintegration

This is available as an add-on and is a one-hour session in your home, following a personal shopping session. It’s a great way to ensure each piece is documented as part of the outfit it was intended for.

I will take photos of the outfits we have created and then send them through so you can pop them into an album on your phone. This album will then become your own personal style guide.

Each morning, you can consult your style guide and decide what to wear. It brings calmness and peace of mind as you know you have a collection of well-documented, complete outfits to scroll through.

Shop With A Stylist

This is a guided shopping experience where pre-selected pieces are waiting for you and then assessed for fit and suitability. Our day together removes the hard work of shopping and simplifies the process.

As well as helping you pull together flattering outfits, you will learn skills for shopping effectively by yourself in the future.

Your budget, which we will discuss in the Styling Consultation, is completely up to you. No matter how much you want to spend, amazing results are achievable at every price point.

As a personal fashion stylist, tailoring my services to suit each client’s individual needs is incredibly important to me. That’s why I provide flexible plans that make the styling experience accessible to everyone. If you worry the packages here are not suitable for your budget, don’t hesitate to get in touch…

Digital Lookbook

Every outfit we choose on the shopping day will be photographed to create your personalised lookbook — a digital album on your phone that you can refer back to for outfit ideas in the future!

Plus-Size Styling

Perfecting an assortment of balanced outfits and dressing for your body shape are both so important for ladies and gents with a fuller figure. As an expert personal stylist for women, I can help you look fabulous and present yourself with personality and pizazz!

I truly believe that every person, no matter their shape or size, is capable of looking amazing. Together, we will bring out your most stylish self and make you shine!

Women’s Styling:

Feel free to take a look at the prices for my women’s styling services below. You can also head over to my Pricing and Packages page for a more detailed price breakdown of the many services I offer as a women’s personal stylist.

Wardrobe Review ($350):
  • 30 minute style consultation
  • 2 hour wardrobe review
  • Extra travel charge may be applied for services outside of Brisbane city
Style Me ($800):
  • 30 minute style consultation
  • 2 hour wardrobe review
  • 3 hour personal shopping session
  • Add 1 hour (Shopping Session or Wardrobe integration) – add $150
  • Note wardrobe Integration post shopping session is best done on a different day
Shop With A Stylist 3hrs - 4hrs ($500-$650):
  • 30 minute style consultation
  • 3 hour personal shopping session
  • 4 hour personal shopping session – $650
Special Event Styling ($500):
  • 30 minute style consultation
  • 3 hour personal shopping session
  • Hair and makeup – at additional cost

Gabby Hammett is a Personal Stylist based in Brisbane, Queensland. After studying at the Australian Style Institute in Melbourne she founded her own Personal Styling Business, Gabby Hammett Styling.