Personal Men’s Stylist

Dress with purpose and create looks that are more personal with a men’s stylist who can teach you everything you need to know about dressing with style and flair. Find out more about how I can help you improve your wardrobe, break away from the monotony of men’s fashion, and enjoy getting ready with ease and confidence.

Why Hire a Stylist?

Men are rocking it now in the style stakes; they take pride in their appearance and genuinely want to look right for all sorts of reasons. What I love seeing now is that men are having fun with their dressing, too. It’s not all about being serious and corporate! Here are the most common reasons you may feel like you need a personal men’s stylist:

You Don’t Enjoy Shopping

It’s like running your fingernails against a chalkboard; entering shops and browsing around is not your idea of fun at all. You would so much rather have a guided experience with a stylist who knows exactly where to go and has already picked everything out. This means minimal time in the shops, and all you have to do is try things on!

Your Body Shape Has Changed and Nothing Fits You Right

A suit must be a good fit to look right, and your shirt cannot be straining at the buttons. A trip to the shops with a personal men’s stylist will ensure that all your new pieces fit perfectly and look great on you.

You don’t know how to put coordinated looks together

You throw outfits together hoping for the best, but you know your strengths, and this is not one of them! You know that, especially in the workplace, it is important to look coordinated and smart, and how you look can affect your image and success.

As a stylist, I see clients attain a new level of confidence when put in the right smart clothing that flatters their skin tone and body shape while remaining work appropriate. My clients commonly report improved performance and increased motivation and enthusiasm about getting dressed for work!

You Don’t Know Where to Get a Quality Suit

If you need a new suit, considering the quality, the price point, and the right weight of fabric for the climate you live in is super important. A suit purchased in a city that has a cooler climate may be too heavy to wear in a place with warm weather and high humidity, such as Queensland.

As a men’s personal stylist in Brisbane, I have done all the necessary research to provide you with the perfect suit. Together, we will go to the right stores for your budget and find you the best suits for the climate you live in. Because there’s such a vast range of suit stores, hiring a stylist to find the exact stores for your requirements will save valuable time.

You Don’t Have Time to Shop or Are Physically Unable to Do So

Say you need a lot of new clothes, you know what you need, and you’re even open to receiving advice. You’re ready to go shopping, but you simply don’t have time to get there, or you’re physically unable to do so. If this sounds like you, then a personal stylist can help.

In these circumstances, a stylist can often step in and do the grunt work for you, bringing a range of clothing options for you to try. Ideally, it’s always best to physically go to the shops with your stylist, but I understand this isn’t always possible. To make sure everything goes smoothly, it’s best to have a chat together first, so please contact me, and we can decide on the best course of action together.

Your Job or Career Has Very Specific Dress Requirements, and You Don’t Know Where to Source These Outfits

If you are working in the entertainment or music industry, you may need some extraordinary clothing and fun statement pieces to help you create a unique image. After getting to know you and finding out which direction you want to go in, a stylist can research where to source these pieces and take you there.

Within no time at all, you will be on your way to looking the part! Personally, I love the creativity in this type of styling, so please enquire with me if this is your situation!

What You End Up With…

This really depends on the outcomes we agree on after your Style Consultation. Some gents end up with a wardrobe of nicely coordinated pieces, such as shirts, pants and suit jackets that go together seamlessly.

Some want to expand their casual wardrobe with a broader collection of jeans and chinos, along with tops and shirts to go with them. Sometimes a sports blazer is on the list.

I have a number of unique and quality menswear stores that I frequent to style my clients in and source fashionable and edgy clothing for them. Menswear has become so adventurous and colourful… It’s an exciting time for men to dress!

Styling Services

I have a number of different services to help you create the perfect wardrobe and refine your style. Learn more about my men’s styling services below. 

Style Consultation

This is a half-hour consultation where we talk about what you had in mind, how you want to look, and if you have any preferences. We discuss budget and time in the shops. There is no minimum or maximum budget; it’s completely up to you.

I may ask you to take photos of the key items in your wardrobe. This will help to ensure new purchases are matched back to existing pieces, creating a coordinated and versatile wardrobe.

Shop With a Stylist Session

After the style consultation, the desired outcome will become clear, and it will soon be time to head to the shops. Pre-selected clothing pieces will be tucked away waiting for you, and we just have to turn up! I do the preparation work beforehand, creating a seamless and easy experience for you.

The only work you need to do will be trying things on and making decisions! As a personal men’s stylist, I can help you finalise your choices and will happily assist you in putting together a coordinated, well-fitting wardrobe for work or weekends.

Digital Lookbook

Most styling services include an optional digital lookbook so that when you are planning what to wear, you can consult your phone and swipe through the options. It’s fabulous and makes dressing easier!

Men’s Styling:

Take a look at the prices for my men’s styling services below, or head over to my Pricing and Packages page for a more in-depth look at the many styling services I offer.

Shop With A Stylist ($500):
  • 30 minute style consultation
  • 3 hour personal shopping session
  • 4 hour personal shopping session – $650
Men’s Makeover ($500):
  • 30 minute style consultation
  • 3 hour personal shopping session
  • 1 hour wardrobe review (pre shopping day) – Add $150
  • 1 hour wardrobe integration (post shopping day) – Add $150

Gabby Hammett is a Personal Stylist based in Brisbane, Queensland. After studying at the Australian Style Institute in Melbourne she founded her own Personal Styling Business, Gabby Hammett Styling.