Image and branding


Presenting the right image is so important for your business. If what you say or sell doesn’t match with how you look, it’s hard to get others to trust you. As your Image and Branding Stylist, I will help you to present the way you want to be perceived and in line with your business strategy.

How? We will shop for the right outfits and ensure your photos are on point and perfect for your advertising and website.

It’s super important to have your hair and makeup on point for the shoot as well, and I can connect you to excellent hair and makeup artists.

It’s best to have your hair and makeup looking incredible for the shoot as well, and I can connect you to excellent hair and makeup artists that I have personally worked with.

This service starts with a Style Consultation where I get to know you and your business and how you want to present to others. You can get to know me, how I work and ask questions at the same time.

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Gabby gets 5 stars from me. 

She gives you the right amount of information at the right time. Always thoughtfully and respectfully. I felt totally prepared for every step and she always kept me in the loop. She anticipates and always has a plan B.

Gabby gives the right amount of advice while balancing it with listening to your wishes and getting the result that makes you feel great. Gabby is totally focused on you when it’s your time with her and she diligently keeps you on task and on budget.

She has a great network and is very resourceful.

I can’t imagine going through this process without her. Highly recommended.

Karen, Brisbane, Queensland

Gabby Hammett is a Personal Stylist based in Brisbane, Queensland. After studying at the Australian Style Institute in Melbourne she founded her own Personal Styling Business, Gabby Hammett Styling.