If you’re going to the effort of engaging a stylist, you’re interested in looking your best.
So how is your skin? One of the first things people notice when they talk to you is the quality of your skin, so it shouldn’t be ignored.

If your budget can accommodate a Skincare and Beauty Consultation, it’s a fabulous addition to your overall stylish look…kind of like dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s! And hair and makeup in general are an important and integral part of a stylish look too.

If you’re interested in quality skincare, I can recommend dermatology-class products that WILL work; in particular the award-winning skincare range Rodan and Fields. It has just become the #1 Anti-Ageing Skincare Range in Australia and has held this coveted position in the US and Canada for the past 2 years.

If you want to find out what the doctors would advise for your skin simply do a 1 minute quiz and then talk to me. R + F Skin solution tool

If you’re curious about cosmetic procedures, I can also recommend the best and safest clinics in Brisbane and Melbourne for facial rejuvenation procedures. I can talk you through some of the latest innovations and connect you to leading skincare specialists in Brisbane and Melbourne for the best advice.

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Makeup and Hair

If want to organise makeup and hair styling, I can connect you to a number of talented hair and makeup artists.

Committing to the style journey 100% is extremely satisfying, and you see a marked improvement in your presentation straight away. It’s like a genie has been let out of the bottle and granted you a complete makeover.

It is exciting!

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Gabby Hammett is a Personal Stylist based in Brisbane, Queensland. After studying at the Australian Style Institute in Melbourne she founded her own Personal Styling Business, Gabby Hammett Styling.